Mix n’ Match is a new way to get to know people IRL (for those of you tired of looking for Mr./Ms. Swipe Right).

So what makes Mix n’ Match different?

Everyone gets a card when they arrive. On the front of the card you write your name and contact info. On the back is an ice-breaker questions.

Mingle with all the crazy, sexy Meet People Chicago crowd ice-breaker questions and fun facts.
As you mingle and Meet People (Chicago!) make sure you get the name of anyone you’re crushing on, and write it down on your card.
Turn in your card before you leave.
The next day we will email you and your matches! You and your matches can go to our recommended dates or set up a date with your new match yourself!

It sounds simple right? It is, but it’s up to you to make a good first impression. And of course, being MPC, expect some drink specials. So, dress to impress and be ready for an unbelievably good time!

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